I really enjoy creating pieces that tell a story and incorporating some additional elements to compliment the glass. NEPTUNE'S LAIR was created for an exhibit titled "We Believe" that featured a wide range of faith traditions and belief systems. I created 2 pieces for that exhibit, the more traditional "GUARDIAN" angel wings shown above, as well as going the ancient mythology route with this piece.

Here I have created a flowing layer of kiln fired glasses in oceanic colors that depicts the rolling waves of the sea and spirals around into a large whale tail in the front. Cradled in the center is Neptune's water cave, complete with little porthole windows and shell-like edges. Neptune's Sterling Silver Trident rises from the rolling waves, a symbol of his vigilance and power. A few strategically placed shells add "atmosphere" to his lair.


​So named due to the creative process of reworking, stretching and "kneading" the glass, much like saltwater taffy, to create the unique colorations and shapes of these decorative, Collectible Vessels. Each is One of a kind. Duplication is impossible. This glass tends to be heavier than the other pieces. The process is long and tedious and these pieces take a long time to create. I often try to get 2 sculptures from a "batch of taffy glass "...so there may be 2 with similar colors, but the shapes will be completely different. The process completely changes in shape and coloration about halfway through. They average about 300 - 350 hours of kiln time and 150-200 hours of design time. They have a lot of depth and weight yet give the visual illusion of blown glass.

                              WALL SCULPTURES

​These can be hung vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Great for people with small spaces, or active households that still would like to enjoy a piece of glass art. Perfect for an office.

​With textures, and dichroic glass, they change colors as the lighting changes in the room.

Tabletop sculptures glass and metal


This multi textured sculpture is done in my Ice Glass style, with a lot of brilliant irridescence to catch the light. It was created to bring awareness to the growing concerns of climate change and the effect it has on the glaciers and polar ice caps.



​though I live in the Sonoran Desert now, I am originally from the Great Lakes area of the Midwestern U.S. I spent much of my life near or on the water. Nature has always influenced my work, and I'm fascinated by water both in its fluid and solid forms. I recall the delicate beauty as well as the terrifying dangers of Midwestern ice storms, and the changing shapes and colors as the ice would melt and refreeze repeatedly, morphing into a surrealistic land of fantasy. I think glass is the perfect medium to portray those mystical qualities of nature. Each of these pieces takes me on a fantastic, creative "journey". The process is painstaking and the pieces are a blend of opposites...powerful, heavy elements often mixed with fiber-thin strands of glass so delicate and fine it's almost like silk. Each one is incredibly unique from every angle and with the right lighting, casts amazing shadows in a room. I hope you enjoy the journey! As with the Taffy GlassTM, these pieces also take longer to create., and by their nature are naturally less vibrant in color, with the focus being on extremes in shape and texture.


These sculptural bowls are created with the look of bread baskets with linen cloths, but are made entirely of glass.

Words cannot describe.



These "Guardian Angel" Wings are intricately constructed of  3 layers of kiln fired glass, created by hundreds of tiny handcut feathers individually set in place with a tweezers in the kiln. A very labor intensive process. This sculpture is made of clear shimmering irridescent glass with tiny bits of dichroic for added sparkle. It is then shaped with a special free-form mold to give the "flutter" to the wings. When it is hanging, the light casts rainbows through it onto the wall behind as well as bouncing them off the top of the piece. My photos don't do this justice.  I plan to work on a series of various shapes and sizes of irridescent wing sculptures. Some vertical like this, some more horizontal in shape. Please contact me through my email if you are interested in one of these sculptures. There will be a limited number of these created. As with my other sculptures, Certificate of Authenticity included.


​Designed for maximum shadowplay and rich color patterns. All glass. No paint. This gives more intense color saturation and pattern reflection. These are very "showy" pieces with delicate details; yet they still maintain a very organic quality.



Click on thumbnail to expand full photo. If you are interested in purchasing a piece or would like to place a custom order, please contact me using the guest book page. I DO try to add photos every couple months or so. Each piece comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Every piece of my glass art is one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. These are meant to be collectible, display pieces not "functional" glass. Each is serial numbered, and engraved with my signature and the year it was created. My pieces are in businesses and homes of collectors, art lovers and celebrities across the US as well as around the globe.

It is my sincere hope they add some beauty and joy into each person's life with their "dance of color and light".

Thank You so much for browsing! Feel free to contact me with any questions.


          THE BIG BANG

This is a very thick, heavy piece with layers of strip-edge construction and filled in with coarsely smashed and crushed glass. After firing, additional glass elements were added, large chunks of glass and glass marbles, strategically bonded into the sculpture to create this beautiful, swirling, stunning image of "the Big Bang".


​My waterscapes sell pretty quickly and I don't have too many photos available at the moment. The simplicity of the predominantly clear glass, accented with bits of blues, or irridescents is much like the beauty of black and white photography. As in photos or cinematography....when not using color, the key is in the shadowplay. Here, the key is in the light refraction created by the layers of textures. SIMPLY Beautiful.

​The Landscapes are directly influenced by my life here in Arizona. The fragile ecosystem of the desert, and it's simple, raw beauty against the majestic cliffs, and red rock formations and the colors of the skies and the painted desert. Each piece also has a water feature, since, as a "Great Lakes Girl" and an Aquarius, I am always drawn to water.

​The 4th piece "Richter Scale" depicts the angry force of Mother Nature during an earthquake, and how quickly that delicate balance changes. We are reminded in an instant that nature is precious and fragile, yet powerful and strong. Glass, having the same qualities, is the ideal medium to bring this series to life. These sculptures take an extreme amount of time, patience and glass to create. Richter Scale is the largest and weighs about 25 lbs. It contains elements of natural materials from the earth added into the final design. These were featured on my episode of the "Colour In Your Life" Australian Art Series. Season 16.